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The Williams family have owned Haughley Park since the 1950s and the Grade I listed manor house is still their private residence today.

The estate was initially bought by Alfred Williams in 1957 as a location for his poultry business. The family retained ownership of Haughley Park after the business was sold and it is currently home to Robert and Gundi Williams who moved in with their family in 1995.

A personal message

“Haughley Park has been our family home for decades and it represents a lifetime of memories.

I remember when I first visited the park as a child, it was covered in nettles, ragwort and molehills, and the house looked like a slumbering giant that did not want its peace disturbed. Now, after years of restoration work, I am very proud of what we have achieved. 

Opening Haughley Park Barn as a wedding venue and hosting regular public events not only helps to support the work required to maintain the estate, it is also a wonderful way of allowing the location to be enjoyed by many people. 

Yes, it is our home, but it is also an important part of Suffolk’s rural heritage and we will work hard to ensure it is preserved for years to come. “

Robert Williams
Haughley Park

Picture: Robert and Gundi Williams with their two daughters, Ellie and Joanna.

Haughley Park became more than a home to me when, in 2005, I got involved with the development of the Barn and later the Farmhouse. I love that the weddings give so many people a chance to enjoy the grounds here at Haughley Park.

Ellie Williams

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