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Honeymoon on a budget

We are delighted to share this piece by guest contributor, Sophia Young, on how to honeymoon on a budget. Enjoy!

Aside from weddings, honeymoons are one of the most awaited events for newlyweds. It is an experience that you cherish as a couple. However, the fact is that they can be deemed too expensive, especially for couples on a tight budget. So, it’s a good thing you can experience the honeymoon of your dreams without spending a fortune, through careful planning and wise decisions…

Setting reasonable expectations, making thoughtful choices, and prioritising experiences are all necessary. Follow the tips below to create the perfect honeymoon without breaking the bank.

Set a Budget

Establishing the budget for your honeymoon is your first step. You need to know what you are working with.

Then create a budget plan:

  • Research your desired location and compare costs through different websites.
  • Look for packages that include travel, lodging, and entertainment so you don’t need to add these to the expenses.
  • Set aside money for any unforeseen costs that might occur while you are travelling.

Choose an Affordable Destination

Choose a location that might be a little less expensive. Consider destinations that aren’t too distant from home – possibly those that don’t involve a flight, for instance. To reduce transport costs, consider taking a UK road trip to a county or city you’ve never been to together, or planning a protracted staycation in one of your preferred nearby spots. If choosing to travel abroad, countries with favourable exchange rates can also help you save money.

Book Early

Making early reservations is a fantastic additional budget-friendly strategy, whether for a flight or a hotel room. You can spend less money by making reservations when there isn’t a flurry of activity. The cost of these services is determined by the quantity of reservations – prices rise in direct proportion to increase in demand.

Summer and spring are popular times for weddings, so you’ll pay less if you make your reservations early in the preceding autumn or winter (or even earlier!) Making last-minute reservations is expensive, and you could pay more than usual. 

Travelling During Off-Season

Off-season travel is more affordable, and you won’t have to spend all your savings. Know when each destination has its specific off-season. A good example is the Caribbean from mid-April through to December. It’s typically more affordable this time of year, with low hotel and meal costs. 

Note: Be sure to check local weather patterns for your chosen date!

Look for All-Inclusive Packages

Going all-inclusive on your vacation might occasionally be the key to having the best time without breaking the bank. These packages include the cost of the accommodations and all beverages and food. Activities and transportation are occasionally included as well. This is good way to know what you are going to spend in total, right from the start, with no need to worry about allowing for all those extras.

Consider Options Other Than a Hotel

Everyone’s initial thought while considering a trip might be to book a hotel room. Hotels frequently provide the luxury you might want but are also expensive. Why not think about renting an apartment or a holiday house instead? You might save some money by using one of the many services that make it simple to rent out properties that individuals aren’t currently using. You’ll also have a lot more privacy here than in a hotel. Just order in and relax.

Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations


With its opulent hotels, stunning coastlines, and Winelands with world-class wine and cuisine, the Istria region is particularly special for a romantic holiday.

Maybe visit the seaside settlements of Rovinj and Porec. Indulge in local oysters and wine, go truffle hunting, go sailing, and simply enjoy the sunshine.

Honeymoon in Croatia
Credit: Geio Tischler


Bali is a well-liked honeymoon location for all types of couples. You can choose to splurge or not, but resort-style lodging and gorgeous beaches are quite reasonably priced.

In Bali, you could take in excellent farm-to-table cuisine, romantic sunsets on the coast, the forest atmosphere of Ubud, a calming yoga class, and much more…

Honeymoon in Bali
Credit: Artem Beliaikin

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is one of Scotland’s most exquisite lakes. It feels like the perfect idyllic retreat, being less crowded and touristy than Loch Ness.

Around the lake, there are mountains, lovely villages, and breathtakingly stunning drives. It is a great alternative for a budget honeymoon in the UK because it is appropriate all year round – in the summer, you can practice water sports in the lake and in winter, you simply curl up in front of the fire.

Honeymoon at Loch Lomond
Credit: Sander Lenaerts


Portugal offers a distinctive European honeymoon experience and has lovely weather all year round.

You will enjoy a fantastic day feasting on excellent food and top-notch wine, before strolling along stunning beaches or resting at a romantic retreat.

Honeymoon in Portugal
Credit: Cristiano Pinto

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mexico’s balmy, tropical climate provides the perfect setting for a romantic holiday. On the Caribbean east coast of Mexico, there is a place called Riviera Maya. Here you will find the town of Tulum – a beautiful backdrop for a honeymoon.

Alternatively, visit the exciting city of Playa Del Carmen. Visualise luxurious resorts, mouthwatering seafood, and a cool margarita or beer on white-sand beaches.

Honeymoon in Mexico
Credit: Darren Lawrence

Final Thoughts

Planning the perfect honeymoon shouldn’t be complicated. With these tips, you can enjoy the most-awaited trip with your partner and create new memories without breaking the bank. 

By Sophia Young

Main image credit: Khamkeo Vilaysing