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Top wedding tips from the team at Haughley Park

With years of experience behind them, the team at Haughley Park Barn are perfectly positioned to offer great advice for those planning their wedding. Here are their top 10 tips for making your day extra special.

  1. Formality/Informality? Weddings have a set-pattern to them – the key reason being that it ‘works’! Your guests will know roughly what to expect and how to behave. But it’s your day! Abandon any formalities that cause undue stress, you are allowed to break from tradition.
  2. Make it YOUR day. It’s all too easy to get carried away with the latest trends when planning your wedding day but stick to things you truly love. For example, if you’re into music, make it all about the music. Allocate a large chunk of your wedding budget to hiring different bands throughout the day. Celebrate your wedding, your way!
  3. The DIY approach is great and works very well for many aspects of your wedding, from making your own table decorations to baking your own wedding cake. Just don’t give yourself so much to do that you are stressed out before the big day.
  4. Do not have too many people helping set-up: So many times we witness the couple becoming more and more stressed as their well-meaning helpers keep asking for jobs to do. Select helpers wisely and sparingly!!!
  5. Relax about any small details: When the wedding day begins, what is not done is not important and no-one will notice. As long as you are there, your partner is there and the registrar is there, the rest is gravy.
  6. Speeches: If you are nervous, get them over and done with before the food is served. This way you can enjoy your meal safe in the knowledge that the formal bit is over and done with. Either that or simply dispense with them altogether if they are causing you a lot of stress.
  7. Consider your ‘season’ throughout your planning: Despite our variable weather it is still good to play to the strengths of your wedding month. Plan for the best but prepare for the worst.
  8. Buttonholes and Corsages. YouTube has a wide variety of tutorials demonstrating how to fix these on with the pin – watch them! And remember, men wear them on the left and ladies on the right.
  9. Consider using one of our recommended suppliers. We have seen their work and know they are good at what they do.
  10. Nominate a ‘responsible’ person for the day. Make sure this person knows what you have planned and can act as a decision maker/go-between for us on the day. You do not want to sweat the small stuff on your wedding day – let them do it.