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Winter Weddings at Haughley Park Barn

We are delighted to share this great piece by wedding photographer, Emily Tyler, on why Haughley Park is the perfect location for a wonderful winter wedding. Enjoy!

As a wedding photographer, I love working at Haughley Park Barn in the winter. It’s a truly wonderful venue and the event team are second to none. If you’re considering getting married at Haughley Park Barn in the winter months, know that your wedding will be utterly gorgeous and you will be spoilt for choice for photos.

There is a huge variety of backdrops available including 250 acres of privately owned parkland, ornamental gardens and ponds, sculptures, sweeping driveways and ancient woodland. The size of the parkland means it’s picturesque and manicured in some spaces and wildly rustic in others – the perfect mix. When you visit, be sure to have a walk around to take in the views!

The on-site accommodation is ideal for both bride and groom prep, so you can be surrounded by all your favourite people in the morning and soak up the atmosphere. Then, when it’s time for your ceremony, you’re only seconds from the barn – just a short walk when winter weather can sometimes be unpredictable! The Farmhouse is gorgeous, light and airy – the perfect place for everyone to get wedding ready.

Unlike a lot of wedding venues, in the depths of winter there are so many options for group photographs and couple’s portraits. When it’s chilly but dry outside, we can use the gardens, the lawns directly outside the barn and even the space outside the grand Haughley Park house. The exterior of many wedding venues can look quite bleak in the colder months, but this is certainly not the case with Haughley Park!

It always pays to be prepared, so I love that the ceremony room can double up as a place for couple’s portraits or group photographs if the winter-weather gods aren’t smiling down on us. For Emily and Matt’s winter wedding, they had styled the ceremony room beautifully and when they became a little chilly outside during their photos, we simply popped into the indoor space instead. Not many venues have an extra space like this – it’s a real asset.

At some venues, the locations available to us in winter are minimal, whereas at Haughley Park Barn there are options aplenty! This huge variety also means your photos won’t be a carbon copy of other couples that have been married here – each couple’s images will be so different!

Just imagine walking out of the Barn into a confetti line with all your friends and family cheering and welcoming you. Imagine bridal party photos with your girls or guys wandering through the woodland areas. Imagine a quiet moment for just the two of you in the ornamental gardens for your couple’s portraits.

If, like a lot of my wedding couples, you don’t love the idea of having your picture taken, you’ll enjoy the exclusivity at Haughley Park Barn. We can wander away from your wedding party briefly and know we won’t have any strangers wandering by. We’ll give you some space to have your photos taken in privacy, to make it as comfortable as possible. I keep posing to a minimum – imagine photographs of you walking down the sweeping driveway, offering beautiful relaxed portraits as well as some time alone for you to soak in the atmosphere of the day together.

I hope this has helped in your decision to choose Haughley Park Barn for your winter wedding. If you’re still looking for a wedding photographer please do get in touch – I’d love to show you some full galleries of winter weddings at Haughley. Meanwhile, enjoy these images from Emily and Matt’s big day in December 2021.

Take care! Emily x